About me

Blogger, vlogger, entrepreneur, husband, father, and author. I am passionate about marketing, technology, fitness, and enduro.

Gabriel Ursan

My story started on 21st November 1986 when I was born in Galati, a town in Romania (European Union now, communist then). I lived and grew up in a pretty bad neighborhood, but I never felt terrible about this. I think it was a good opportunity for me to develop my emotional intelligence and communication skills.

In 2005, at 18 years old, I started to work. My job was in IT&C sales at the same group of companies that I am a partner with now. In 2006 I was promoted to shop manager. In 2007 I was promoted to the HR team and in 2008 I started to be also a sales trainer for the company. In 2009 I was managing the sales development team in the company.

In 2009 I had an accident and broke my leg. The doctors put two screws in my knee and, for some time, I stayed mostly in bed. That is the time when I started to blog and leveled up my fishing level in the World of Warcraft video game 🙂 In 2011 I launched a blog about mobile phones that become number 1 in Romania in the niche.

I started to receive buying offers for that blog a year later. I bought an apartment with my wife and started renovating it that year. Also, we have found that my wife is pregnant and we didn’t have any money left for the heating system. So I started to think seriously to sell that blog about technology, and one offer come unexpectedly.

Stefan, the owner of the group of companies that I worked for, made me an offer to buy the blog for 5000 Euro, but with two options. I could have 2000 Euro right away to buy and install the heating system in our apartment, and the rest of 3000 Euro I could have later or use them to invest for 10% from a new company in our group.

I chose to invest that money in the new company. The name of the company is aBeauty Clinique ® and the rest is history. At the moment that I write this about me section on my website, the company is the biggest chain of beauty and noninvasive aesthetic clinics in Romania with over 3 million Euro turnover. I run the marketing department.

So, this is my short story about how I`ve become a good investor without knowing this 🙂 and how I have become a partner in the company. I also am an online entrepreneur as a blogger, vlogger, local social media influencer, and owner of a small digital marketing agency. In 2022 I published my first book (in Romanian), ”Why Not”.

And my life story continues…