Why You Should Start Building an Email Marketing System Right Now

There are three types of traffic on your website. Traffic that you buy (paid ads, influencer campaigns), traffic that you get (social media, SEO, direct Traffic), and traffic that you own (subscribers to your communication systems).

The best moment to build an email marketing system was ten years ago. The next best moment to create an email marketing system is right now. Here is why you should build an email marketing system right away.

Zero Money Wasted

When you drive traffic to your website, you spend money in one way or another. So make that money count and collect an email address from a potential customer so you can communicate later, despite the fact today it exits your website without buying something.

Basic Automation

You can create sales funnels in your email marketing system that will work for you even when you sleep. So forget about forgetting to send emails to your customers. Instead, you work once to create and automate the system, giving you time for other things.

Smart Personalisation

Most email marketing can collect information about your customers, like their names, phone numbers, and even birthdates. You can use this data to easily personalize every message with happy birthday discounts or another kind of personalization.

Clear Reports

When you have an email marketing system working for you, you will always have a clear view of how things are going in your company. For example, you can see stats about the best headlines, how many people opened or clicked your emails, and so on.

Advanced Automation

If you have a logical sales process, you can automate a lot of stuff. For example, you can automate and send a particular message if somebody opened a specific message from you or not. The limit is your imagination.

SMS Functions

An email marketing system is not just for emails. Softwares like Omnisend or GetResponse are powerful all-in-one tools that give you landing page building options, web push notification, and even SMS marketing.

Good Database

Let`s face it; some small companies still work with Excell or pen and paper. However, most email marketing software offers CRM functions so that you can manage your customer relationship more efficiently with software tools from our age. It`s like a bonus.


Choose your email marketing service carefully, but do not procrastinate because of this step. For email marketing, go with Omnisend or GetResponse.

Also, I suggest Namecheap if you want to buy a domain name. If you wish for WordPress hosting, I suggest Kinsta.

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Be happy!


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